Saturday, May 31, 2008

Susan's New Wardrobe

We went into Petco to get pee pads yesterday to realize it was no longer the cheapest price we could find, but they did have really awesome PFD's for dogs, and a "Buy 1 Get 3 Free" deal on doggy clothes. So here is what Susan got at Petco!!
As you can see, she's not a huge fan of it, as it fits snuggly (as it should). She gets really tired really fast when playing in the water, so we got her this PFD! There will be plenty of lake trips this summer, so it'll get plenty of use. What a lucky girl, I still haven't gotten the one I want.
This coat was Davorin's idea. This is her "pimp coat". LOL.
I really love this coat, it's really sort of a cape, but I loved the colors and the trim. She's very comfortable in it.
This is just a grey and purple version of a burgundy and pink sweater she currently has, but I love it. It's just too cute. Every girl needs a fashionable yet comfortable sweater!!

Did you do the math and wonder where the fourth outfit went? It didn't fit her.


Chink nose said...

Stop putting ugly clothes on susan its depressing

Cherish said...

The only thing that is ugly is the grey coat, and that is because Davorin picked it out :P

big poop little poop POOP POOP POOP! said...

Put on the shirt her aunt got her for xmas

Cherish said...

That shirt doesn't fit her anymore...I can't even fit her arm into it..

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