Monday, May 19, 2008

Rhody Days

Davorin and I went to Florence for Rhody days today. It was pretty fun. We visited my family, rode rides, ate junk food, and then went home. Here are some pictures from the day.

Davorin trying to win a prize. Micheal Jordan wouldn't have been able to win one of those stuffed animals. The guy even told us that it was "fixed", not in so many words; of course. He said the hoop was oval and the ball was weighted. And oh yeah, if you hit the stuffed animals above and make the shot, it doesn't count. Then my sister and I starting booing him and yelling, "You suck!" He bragged about having cheer leaders. Loser.

Our favorite ride was The Star Trooper. We only went twice, but it was fun. Davorin loved it, which surprised me since he's afraid of heights.

We went into the "Mardi Gras House".

They had funny mirrors.

AND slides!!!

Gary, Gina, Ashley & Bryan were a little more daring than Davorin and me.

But the Carousel was a BLAST!!!!!

Time to rest!!

Thanks for looking, hope you too had a great weekend!


Davorin said...

Good pics, and you look very pretty in all of them!

Cherish said...

Not as pretty as you!!!!!

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