Monday, May 5, 2008

Liquidation Sale

Davorin and I went to the fairgrounds today for this super-huge-awesometastic liquidation sale. It was advertised on the radio and tv as this great sale. I was so excited. I was hoping to see tons of designer purses for 80% off and cheap perfumes, and all that. We get there. GLORFIED FLEA MARKET. There were tables of fake jewelry. Their stereo equipment was retardly over-priced. If you want to save time, $5 for parking and $7 entrance fee per person, listen to me. Don't visit the "liquidation sale" at the Vancouver Fairgrounds. YUCK! Fortunately we didn't walk away with nothing. Davorin got two pair of nice pants for $15! So, I got bored, took pictures of us being tards in the car. Here is that:

♥Pictures of me from this angle usually look far worse♥

♥I love this man with all my heart ♥

♥He wins the "who's tongue is longer" contest♥


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