Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disappearing Filing Cabinet

This is kinda stupid, but I was amazed. Davorin wanted to get this old filing cabinet out of his room, so he told me to post it in the free section on Craig's List for him. I made a posting, made it look nice with HTML and everything. Posted a picture. Gave the address of where it would be sitting. I set it outside with a free sign on it. We left about 45 minutes after I posted it and we set the thing outside, and it's GONE! It took 45 minutes for me to post an ad, someone to read it, want it, drive here, load it up, and leave. Fricking amazing. I once sold a truck on CL in about two hours, on the flip side, it once took me almost two weeks to sell a car there. I am now trying to sell a very nice furniture set on CL. I posted around 7PM yesterday. Let's see how that one goes. Wish me luck, ya'll. Craig's List is a wonderful thing!!

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