Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jetskiing 53º Degree Water

So, Monday we woke up and saw the sun. We packed up the jetski and headed to Silver Lake. By the time we got there it looked pretty gloomy, but we decided to set the jetski in the water and take a trip thinking it wasn't that bad. We hopped on, it took a minute to start (I would to), then we took off. With the combination of wind, cold water, clouds, and very little clothing we decided a 15 minute trip around the lake was enough. We packed the jetski up and decided to head back home. But not before Davorin got some horrible pictures of me on the jetski (wearing his clothes).


poopgirl said...

i like your face

Anonymous said...

So you were on a Seadoo, not a jetski silly girl.

Cherish said...

Who's anonymous? A seadoo is a jetski.

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